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Professional Development, Homeschool/Private School/Public School Partnerships, 

Data Walks, Research, and Practical Plans to help every student Succeed 

Services  Recently Offered

  • Root Cause Analysis and Improvement Plan
  • Instructional Framework Training
  • Using Data to Drive Instruction
  • Google Training
  • Flip Grid Training
  • SAMR Model
  • Personalized Learning in the Content Area
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Going Beyond KUD (Know, Understand, Do)
  • Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities 

Monica Hendricks 

Monica serves as an educator in one of the largest public school districts in the metropolitan Atlanta area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Masters of Art in teaching. Her teaching experience has led her from taking on several initiatives that put students at the forefront of learning in classrooms to serving as an instructional coach for teachers. She believes students should be active learners who are able to recognize the purpose of why they are learning in order to apply their learning because “The why is essential and important part of the process of learning in order to excel in any industry.” Monica would like to empower teachers, students, and parents by questioning the process and systems that are right for all children within the public education system. "We can not continue to put public education in a box on the shelf."

Learning is not separate from the daily lives of students, it should be a seamless process to learn ideas and concepts and apply them to real world situations. This will prepare them to be global minded individuals who can compete within an exceptional system of fair market. Ms. Hendricks brings her expertise in data, research, action research, and data analysis for restructuring in order to build on the strengths of a system. When teachers instruct students, if the students are able to understand how the learning is relevant to their life, they will have student centered learning which is the base for personalized learning. Personalized learning lends itself to making seamless, relevant, connections- not just in school to learn information that will be thrown into the depths of their minds, but concepts that they can use to change the world. This process allows students to take the initiative to empower their peers to instill change in the adults around them. "The world is changing and we need change with it by teaching our students how to recognize different devices that are working for or against them, evaluate which tools would be useful, and optimize their strengths and resources for sustainability. As a leader, I support the process of learning in an action team: if everyone touching a student has a clear expectation, then students will rise to their level of expectation. Explicit and unified mission, vision, beliefs, and expectations of 'every village keeper' for every student will foster in environment of learned excellence. Learned excellence can be achieved through concrete answers for varied learning processes and strategies." 

We had a wonderful time learning about to use word work in a reading/writing workshop. Word Work helps students move from learning to read to reading to learn. 

~3rd grade Teacher Henry County Public Schools 

Bruce Edgerton 

Bruce Edgerton is an upper elementary teacher who specializes in gender-based classrooms for struggling students. His military experience has allowed him to learn how to follow, collaborate, communicate, and think critically in high-stress situations within various exposures to different people, places, and socio-economic groups which provides the base for his culturally-responsive teaching and learning style. Because Mr. Edgerton believes that he can be the model for how learning should occur within a faltering system, he has become passionate about providing professional development and exposure to educators who are seeing a change in demographics within their schools from being the majority to a now more minority population.

Math and Social Studies spark his interest because geometry makes you think outside the box, (shapes, words, numbers, the anomaly) and Social Studies allows for the opportunity to have academic discourse related to present, past, and future social conflicts. The key to understanding the present state of matters and  proactively planning for the future lies within being able to make meaning of the past. Moreover, challenging students to think critically and "outside of the box" provides them with the basis of a more competitive edge to be able to innovate and succeed globally. 

This literacy summit was a success!

In this session, we worked with educators to help teachers use their ELA block to the fullest extent. We can not miss Word Word, Guided Reading, Writing Workshop, and Phonics. All of these go hand in hand in order for our students to be successful readers. balanced instruction is developmentally appropriate for students of all ages!

Shoni Pittman 

Shoni Pittman is currently a primary grade elementary teacher who specializes in gifted and talented learners. Her 14+ years of teaching experience have equipped her to build meaningful relationships with students, create authentic project-based learning opportunities, prepare the students for the upcoming grades, build strong relationships with parents and guardians, and prepare students to be 21st century leaders through purposeful technology use. Mrs. Pittman recognizes the need for students to be able to think critically and creatively, thus she seamlessly integrates technology and project-based learning opportunities into the curriculum.

Math and Science spark her interest since one utilizes math in their everyday life from financial literacy to construction and the latter requires you perform experiments and become inquiry-based learners. Additionally, Shoni believes that exposing students to rigorous content in a personalized learning environment allows them to take ownership in their education and gives them the opportunity to use their voice and decisions pertaining to their education. These subjects are in line with her educational belief that education is kinesthetic because learning is an action, it is something you do, not something you become. She believes that students deserve a holistic learning environment; Educating the whole child promotes lifelong purposeful living as they learn that “it is how we react to failure that is more important that the moment of defeat." As an educational leader, Mrs. Pittman is a proactive coaching affiliate who takes a systematic approach of staying ahead of the curve. If parents and communities would take on this philosophy we would not be a reactive society in the regards of education, “Education starts in womb, develops in the household, and is reinforced by stakeholders, community leaders, and legislation.”

“Teaching Literacy Through Inquiry in a Personalized Learning Classroom”

  1. Increases engagement
  2. Builds confidence
  3. Expands the 4C’s
  4. Empowers 21st Century Skills
  5. Co-Creation strengthens student capacity
  6. Strengthens instruction based on student needs

Jerri Potts

Dr. Jerri Potts received her Bachelors degree in Secondary English Education, Masters in Educational Leadership, Specialist in Literacy and Technology and PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently in  her 19th year of  education. She has been able to gain talents and gifts in elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary education. She started her career teaching English but saw a greater need to teach intensive reading classes and working with students who needed extra motivation and differentiation. This led her to serve in various positions- writing coach, math coach, and interim AP of curriculum. Above all, student learning is her focus because she receives fulfillment in seeing students move from the mundane ins and outs of learning to using their own imagination to master expectations and course content! 

...Curriculum Involvement...

  • Reading Endorsement Trainer (ELL and Content Area Reading)
  • Pioneer in Common Core Trainer (Using Common Core without a designated curriculum)
  • Differentiation Trainer
  • Writing trainer (K-5th grade)
  • Literacy Coach (Grades 3-8)
  • Writing Coach (Grades 4, 8, 10)
  • Pearson Item Reviewer
  • Pearson Item Writer
  • CPALMS Trainer
  • Depth Of Knowledge Trainer
  • PLC Implementation
  • Writing Across the Content Area Trainer
  • Making Projects Work Trainer
  • Document Based Questioning Trainer and Developer
  • Curriculum Writer (grades 3-6 ELA)
  • Best Practices Trainer
  • Assessment Writer (Grades 3-6 ELA, Focused Calendar Assessments and District Benchmarks)
  • Point, Illuminate, and Oddesseyware Trainer
  • R.A.M Extended Summer Learning Program Site Coordinator 
  • Student Agency

Mr. Bruce Edgerton                                                  Ms. Monica Hendricks 

    Mrs. Shoni Pittman                                                        Dr. Jerri Potts